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Social Media is Only a Small Part of Your Whole Digital Marketing Strategy?

Stop spending money on social media that looks pretty but isn't converting to sales!


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One of the biggest reasons bought self-help doesn’t work is that you do it alone and you don’t have access to the instructor or a support community.

My suggestions - My working with you is NOT shelf-help.
With daily action and reporting, when you assign 15 min/daily (or more when you see it working for you) the results are amazing!

I knew very little about Twitter before I started with Catherine. I was already familiar with the Facebook world and Twitter just seemed very foreign to me - it was a whole new world I did not know how to navigate through. My business account was not getting any engagement at all. I was lost!

Catherine and I chose to have my twitter account represent my name instead of my business name. We even started a new account. Catherine very patiently showed me the ropes and did it in very manageable pieces. Within 5 weeks, I went from 9 followers to over 1000 and it's still growing! I didn't realize there were so many different nuances to Twitter!

Catherine's Twitter program is very easy-to-follow to get results!

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Nicki Chang Powless

NCP Consulting

Before working with Catherine my attempts at social media were fruitless. I had a twitter account that sat at 13 people for 6-month no matter how many posts I posted. 

After working with Catherine I saw people following me in the first 24 hrs and grew from there. Catherine helped me create different types of content that attracted engagement even new followers. My elation when I passed my first thousand was inspiring, and now I'm able to create regular strong content on my own.

If you are looking to increase your Twitter engagement, get tons of Like, I highly recommend taking Catherine's Twitter Growth Acceleration Program.

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Sherile Reilly

 Author "Curse of the Lord of Darkness"

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - The Networking Web - Social Media Consultant specializing in Fan Engagement and Target Audience Growth

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Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is a digital marketing strategist with the Networking Web growing audiences increasing conversions for speakers, business owners, and authors.

She guides busy professionals who are frustrated and feel overwhelmed weeding through millions of online options that don’t work, wasting precious time and effort.

Catherine simplifies digital marketing with a five-step, customized, easy process that gets results.

An active member of the Evolutionary Business Council with a combined reach of 370 Million, Catherine is also the Social Media Expert in Residence for the Canadian Authors Association.

Catherine believes every person has a powerful message to deliver once they find their voice, visibility, and audience to connect with.


"The reality is… we live in a digital world."

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