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Why Authors – Writers – Everyone Should Use Twitter Lists

Why Authors - Writers - Everyone Should Use Twitter ListsThe more people you follow, the denser your Twitter home feed becomes. You will lose perspective with a feed flooded with multiple, random posts.

Separate all those voices into logical groups so you can focus on 1 theme at a time. Use the built-in Twitter lists, which you can make public or private. You can create lists then add Twitter accounts to it from both your computer and your mobile.

You may be surprised at how viewing smaller groups at a time will help you gain clarity. Now you’ll form better ideas about how to support different group, join conversations, and post relevant content.

For Example:  If you view a list of only local authors, and many tweet and converse about a writing event in town you’ve never heard of, isn’t that an event you should inquire about?

1) Create Lists

Read through your feed and find those you are most interested in watching. Create lists for your many groups. Here is a suggested author’s starter-list:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work/Co-workers
  • [Your city]
  • Local authors
  • [Your genre] authors
  • Top [your genre] authors
  • Author Support
  • Publishers
  • Editors
  • Bloggers
  • Top idea generators
  • Social Media gurus

2) Assign interesting Twitter accounts to each chosen list. The same account can occupy more than 1 list.

3) Every time you meet and follow a new person, immediately add them to a Twitter list. If you don’t, you will lose them to the chaotic, overrun, Twitter home feed.

Bonus: You can subscribe to other twitter public lists. 

Learn to love lists!

Don’t worry; it is unlikely that you’ll run out of making lists. Lists are currently capped at 1000, which may be populated with up to 5000 in each, but don’t do that. Keep your lists small. If you have too many, you then you risk repeating the original problem, too many chaotic voices in 1 place.

I hope this Twitter Tip was useful.
Do you have a favorite list that others should start using?

1 Critical Way for Authors To Sell More Books On Twitter

The Networking Web - Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - Author - Speaker - 1 Critical Way for Authors To Sell More Books On Twitter

A Plea to Authors Active on Twitter Who Want to Sell Books:

140 Characters Is No Place to Sell Your Books

– Stop Selling and Start Tweeting Compelling Content!

How many times have these tweets filled your Twitter feeds?

  • Buy my Book #BuyMyBook
  • Buy My Book – It’s on sale
  • Buy my Book – $0.99 – today only
  • Buy my Book – download for free today
  • Like my Facebook Page – and buy my book

If repeated messages to buy or download books have never worked for you, why would it work on  others?  Repeated sales messages is the fast way for an author to find themselves Unfollowed.

Most authors on Twitter have developed a rapport and/or history with their followers. Still, there are many authors whose Twitter feeds are only repeated sales messages then they wonder why they’re not popular or getting sales.  There will always exceptions to this rule and celebrities exist in a ‘verified’ class of their own.

Post and tweet content that will grab our attention

  • Tell us why this book will appeal to us.
  • Add snippets of your research and offer interesting tips you’ve learned.
  • Offer details about your characters, plots, and story that will hook us.
  • Show us how clever you are with your writing.
  • Post articles – your own or draw attention to articles that relate to your book’s subject matter.

Funnel those interested readers seeking more of your content to your website. There they can learn about you and your books.

Now you’ve earned your opportunity to sell. Your chances of selling books are also much higher.

*In case you do not already have an author’s website to funnel online traffic to, you are missing out on an opportunity.

Good luck to you and much success!

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