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How To Get More Visibility for Your Instagram Photos and Short Videos

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How Do You Get More Visibility for Your Instagram Photos and Short Videos?     

  • Post often – The more often you post on Instagram, the more visible you`ll be.
  • Use Hashtags – Your followers aren’t the only ones who will see your Instagram posts. Use Hashtags that others are using so that those who are not yet following you can see your work when your posts pop up in their searches.
  • Participate in the Weekend Hashtag Project

A great way to increase recognition is to take part in Instagram’s weekly Weekend Hashtag Project. Every Friday, Instagram reveals that weekend’s theme and hashtag. (Yes, the hashtag changes every week.) Shoot your images or short videos of that weekend’s theme then post them on your Instagram account with your story, comments and hashtags. Don’t forget to include that week`s official hashtag. Instagram features the favorites every Monday morning.

Weekend Hashtag Project has two rules to follow: post only what you take, and use photos and short videos of what you took that same weekend.

  • There are other accounts that feature their own projects that you could be featured on. Keep an eye out for them too. (i.e. @cntraveler)

Don’t forget to check out the Instagram Blog or @Instagram’s own account every Friday for that weekend’s theme and hashtag.

Good luck with your posts! May you be showcased.


How To Breathe New Life into Old Instagram Posts With Hashtags



Instagram Tips month:  4 Thursdays = 4 Tips
Week #3 – Breathe New Life into Old Instagram Posts With New Hashtags

Instagram wants you to post images and short videos, in the moment, from your mobile device.

By adding new hashtags to your older posts, you may rejuvenate them.

If you had an image that didn’t get the attention you felt it deserved, or if you didn’t use all the hashtags you’re using on more recent posts, you can still add those new hashtags to older posts. As long people are searching for those hashtags, your old posts may enjoy new attention and even be Liked now.

How To Add new Hashtags To Your Old Instagram Posts (by iPhone):

First select an older post then scroll to the bottom.
Tap the 3 dots …
You have 4 choices:
Delete – to delete the entire text and type from scratch
Edit – to edit the text you already have
Share – to share on other Social Media accounts and also edit the text you already have
Cancel – to return and do nothing
Choose Edit then add the new hashtags to the text and save.

[will post for Android shortly.]

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Bonus Tip: You don’t need a huge Instagram following to get Likes on your Instagram posts. If you know how to use hashtags and choose the hashtags people search for, you can increase your Likes by many and even earn more followers.

This begs the question, are you using hashtags that people use most?