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How to Get the Most Out of this Cyber Monday

How to Get the Most Out of this Cyber Monday

Do you know what this Monday, November 27 is? It is Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday lands on the Monday after American Thanksgiving.

Think of the annual Black Friday craze with its in-store product sales and the crush of human bargain hunters. Cyber Monday occurs online for software, Apps, websites, programs, subscriptions, and arrays of royalty free photos and videos. On this day, much of that software will have promotions or deep discounts.

If you have been coveting owning something, this is the day to purchase it.
However, be mindful as you can easily lose your mind and rack up credit card debt with so much to choose from.

All of these Cyber Monday offerings fall into 2 categories.
1.  I need it – a priority item for work or personal
2.  I want to have it (for Fun! OR as something helpful but not necessarily in the budget)

A priority item you purchase when you need it. So if you have any of these on your list, go ahead!

A ‘want to have it’ item may not always be in your budget and Cyber Monday could make it easy to acquire if deeply discounted. Now’s your chance to own it.

You may discover that you do not recall the items you wanted most some time ago. Is that name on the tip of your tongue? It’s a good idea to make a list of ‘want to have it’ online software and see if it’s available on this day. Don’t forget to start next year’s list and keep it handy. (In fact, there’s probably a free app for that!)

You might already be seeing ads. Everything starts early.
Happy Cyber Monday and enjoy your software shopping.

Tell me your BEST Cyber Monday find.

I hope you find fun and useful items this Monday.
In fact, tell share you BEST FIND in the comments below.

See you online,

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Facebook Comments: Are You Using Them as The Effective Engagement Tools They Are?

Facebook Comments as Effectively Engagement Tools - February 2017 - Audience Growth and Fan-Engagement Social Media Consulting and Training

Facebook Comments: Effective Engagement Tools

Most Facebook posts have 4 options:  Like, Comment, Share, (Plus 1 surprise)

Let’s focus on the engagement power of the Facebook comment.

We choose to add comments on Facebook posts to:

  • Agree or disagree with the post, the poster, or a commenter
  • Back up or counter the original post with proof (written, media, links)
  • Offer a unique opinion on the post (sometimes having nothing to do with the post)
  • Move the attention on this post to another post or entirely off Facebook (with a link)
  • Start communication on the topic between commenters
  • Simple conversations between Commenter-Poster or Commenter-Commenter having nothing to do with the post

Every single comment is an opportunity to Like or Comment further.

Facebook Likes are usually seen by the human eye as a popularity contest; the more Likes, the better the post.

Little impact is made when a Facebook post is liked without any further consideration.

However, a Facebook comment is where the engagement happens. Comments are the MOST engaging part of Facebook post options and can yield the best results long term.

You have to spend time in the post working on a comment.

You let the poster know your level of interest with comments – good or bad.

If you are looking to engage your followers and fans long term, post content that gets people talking.

Follow up – at least by liking each comment – and further engage by replying to each comment. Keep that conversation going, however small.

Over time, you become more memorable to the people with whom you communicate.

Facebook’s fussy algorithm also pays attention to all the interaction on your post, rewarding you by showing it to more people in the newsfeed, where you gain more exposure.

Are You Making This Twitter Mistake When Addressing Another Twitter User?

Killing Common Twitter Mistakes: #1 Addressing Another Twitter User

For the next few months, we will identify and KILL common Twitter mistakes or clarify Twitter myths.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new and some long-term Twitter users make is when addressing another Twitter user.

If you simply want to shout out to another Twitter user, begin the tweet with their Twitter handle.

   @HeyColleague How are you? Are you going to that event tonight?

The only people who will see this tweet is:
• You
• Them (@HeyColleague)
• Anyone who follows you both (at that moment)
• Anyone who happens to look at your posted feed (at that moment)
• Anyone who happens to look at your colleague’s mention feed (at that moment)

If you want to promote another Twitter user to your community then begin the Twitter feed with ANYTHING BUT their Twitter handle.

This is wrong!
     @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content. #FF

This is right!
     ‘ @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content. #FF

These are better!
     #FF @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content.
     Great Twitter content by @HeyColleague. This is someone you want to follow. #FF
     Are you following @HeyColleague for great Twitter content? #FF

By not beginning the tweet with their Twitter handle you haven’t limited the number of people seeing your tweet to the list above.

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