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Stop! Before you make your First Periscope Broadcast, have you done this?

The Networking Web - Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - Stop! Before you make your First Periscope Broadcast, have you done this?In case you’ve been in a coma, Periscope is the social media new kid on the block. It’s a free App (bought by Twitter) and available only for IOS (not available to Android yet, but soon).

Periscope allows you to broadcast live from anywhere with an Internet connection. Your audience can visibly and audibly share your experience. They can even communicate with you live simply by typing messages on the screen.

First Time:
I wish I had considered this little detail before my first Periscope broadcast. I did a dumb test; a semi-useful product review of my Roomba vacuum, with my interfering cat, and while chatting with a friend.  It lasted less than 2 minutes and all comments were about my cat.

Was this a mistake?  Yes.

For those of you who have watched Periscope live feeds or a replay, have you ever noticed this message?
“LIVE on #Periscope: First time ….”

Periscope gives you a little nudge out of the starting gate, and I wasted mine. Don’t waste yours.

If you’re using Periscope just for fun, post whatever you like. However, if you want to attract followers and gain reach then do these quick 5 steps:

Plan to make a strong first broadcast and not some random test. Take advantage of Periscope’s “First time”.
What do you want to be known for? (Food, reviews, business, juggling, cats, entertainment)
Make your 1st Periscope broadcast in this theme.

Create Content:
Content: There’s nothing wrong with ad-libbing, but many who ad-lib on Periscope are boring or badly done.  Stand out with clarity that only appears to be ad-lib.
Title: Create a strong, catchy title to intrigue and inform exactly what your broadcast is about.  When they pop in and don’t see what they came for, they’ll leave just as fast.

Let your friends/followers/connections on your other channels know that you’re about to broadcast. You want new people to see how popular you are and have many people to interact with.

Start your broadcast.  Make it long enough for people to find you (8+ minutes). Engage your audience to keep them watching.
Tell people what future posts to expect from you then invite them to follow you.

There are reasons to and not to allow Replay, but Replay your first. Some people you contacted took longer to arrive (or download the App) and you want to leave your first, good broadcast behind for them to find.

Good luck! Have fun! Happy broadcasting!


How To Delete an Unwanted Instagram Comment

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Instagram Tips month:  4 Thursdays = 4 Tips

Week #1 – How To Delete an Unwanted Instagram Comment


Instagram wants you to post images and short videos, in the moment, from your phone.

Whether you wrote a comment that you wish you hadn’t or want to delete someone else’s inappropriate comment, there is a way to remove Instagram comments.

I came across this when the last 3 images I posted received the same comment from different users “Did you receive my message?” followed by some emoticon symbol. None of these 3 posters follow me, Like the image, or tried to contact me before. They add have many (fake? bought?) followers and made an identical ridiculous comment.

You cannot remove an Instagram comment from the Instagram website.
You cannot remove an Instagram comment from within Hootsuite. (If you can on other Social Media managing S/W, please let me know.)

You CAN remove an Instagram comment from your mobile.

How to Delete an Unwanted Instagram Comment on an iPhone:

First, select your picture and scroll to the bottom.
Tap Comments
Find the comment that you’d like to delete and swipe your finger from right to left.
2 icons show up on the right:

  • The arrow – to return and do nothing
  • The red trash can – to delete the comment

Tap the red trash can.
3 options occur:

  • Delete and Report Abuse
  • Delete (only)
  • Cancel

Choose the level to delete the post and poof, the comment disappears.

[will post for Android shortly]

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I finally opened an Instagram account last year, but rarely used it. This year, I vow to use and master Instagram. I’m happy to share tips.
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