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How To Edit Your Instagram Post

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Instagram Tips month:  4 Thursdays = 4 Tips
Week #2 – How To Edit Your Instagram Post

Instagram wants you to post images and short videos, in the moment, from your phone.

Sometimes, in the moment means you don’t have time to double-check your spelling, tag the right person, add a specific hashtag, or use geocode. Reviewing the post later, you may wish to add more and fix the errors, and you can.

You cannot edit an Instagram post from the Instagram website.
You cannot edit an Instagram post from within Hootsuite. (If you can on other Social Media managing S/W, please let me know.)

How You CAN EDIT Your Instagram Comment on iPhone:
First select your picture and scroll to the bottom.
Tap the 3 dots …
You have 4 choices:

  • Delete – to delete the entire text and type from scratch
  • Edit – to edit the text you already have
  • Share – to share on other Social Media accounts and also edit the text you already have
  • Cancel – to return and do nothing

Make your choice.

[will post for Android shortly.]

Bonus Tip:  If you add new hashtags to your older posts, you may rejuvenate your older Instagram posts.
By adding new hashtags to your older posts, should someone search for them, they may be newly seen and possibly Liked further.

     Related Post: How To Breathe New Life into Old Instagram Posts With Hashtags

My Instagram username is @catherinenetweb.
I finally opened an Instagram account last year, but rarely used it. This year, I vow to use and master Instagram. I’m happy to share tips.
Consider following me and post your username with your comment below.

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