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Why Authors / Writers / Everyone Should Use Twitter Lists

Why Authors - Writers - Everyone Should Use Twitter Lists

The Networking Web - Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - Author and Speaker - Why Authors, Writers, Everyone Should Use Twitter Lists

The more people you follow, the denser your Twitter home feed becomes. You may lose perspective when your feed is flooded with multiple random posts.

Separate all those voices into logical groups so you can focus on 1 theme at a time. Use the built-in Twitter lists, which can be public or private. You’ll be surprised how the smaller groups will help you gain clarity and have a better idea what to support that group, join the conversations, and post relevant content.

For example:  If you view a feed of only local authors, and many tweet and converse about a writing event in town, isn’t that an event you should inquire about and join this conversation?

1) Create Lists

Read through your feed and find those you are most interested in watching. Create lists for your many groups.

Here is a suggested author’s starter-list:




[My city]

Local authors

[Same genre] authors

Top [genre] authors

Author Support



Top idea generators

Social Media gurus


  • Assign people you are interested in following more closely to their Lists. The same person can occupy more than 1 list.


  • Every time you meet and follow a new person, immediately add them to a Twitter list. If you don’t, you will lose them to the chaotic, overrun, Twitter home feed.


  • It’s fine to view your Twitter home feed. Also choose


Bonus: You can subscribe to other’s public lists. If a good one already exists you can view it too.


Learn to love lists!


Don’t worry; it is unlikely that you’ll run out of lists. They are currently capped at a limit of 1000, with 5000 tagged in each, but don’t do that. Keep your lists small. If you have too many then you risk repeating the original problem, too many chaotic voices.


Do you have a favorite list that others should start using?


Rejoice! Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit from Direct Messages

TwitterDM9999Did you notice it?

Sometime yesterday (August 12, 2015) Twitter removed the 140-character limit from Direct Messages (DM).

Shout it from the rooftops. This is great news!!!

Unfortunately, this does not affect regular tweets. Tweets retain their 140-character limit.

Why this is good news:

Twitter DMs are no longer limited to the 140-character length.

It means that you no longer have to send multiple DMs to get your message across. You can type your whole message into 1, single DM. No more reviewing and cutting back to make the old 140-character limit.

It appears that you now have 9999 characters in a DM. Use them well and wisely.

Why this is bad news:

Those whom you don’t know, don’t care about you, and only want to sell you stuff will take advantage with a longer sales pitch.

However, it’s not-that-bad. You may still delete a single DM just as easily as before.

Happy DMing!

Are You Making This Twitter Mistake When Addressing Another Twitter User?

Killing Common Twitter Mistakes: #1 Addressing Another Twitter User

For the next few months, we will identify and KILL common Twitter mistakes or clarify Twitter myths.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new and some long-term Twitter users make is when addressing another Twitter user.

If you simply want to shout out to another Twitter user, begin the tweet with their Twitter handle.

   @HeyColleague How are you? Are you going to that event tonight?

The only people who will see this tweet is:
• You
• Them (@HeyColleague)
• Anyone who follows you both (at that moment)
• Anyone who happens to look at your posted feed (at that moment)
• Anyone who happens to look at your colleague’s mention feed (at that moment)

If you want to promote another Twitter user to your community then begin the Twitter feed with ANYTHING BUT their Twitter handle.

This is wrong!
     @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content. #FF

This is right!
     ‘ @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content. #FF

These are better!
     #FF @HeyColleague is someone you want to follow. They have great Twitter content.
     Great Twitter content by @HeyColleague. This is someone you want to follow. #FF
     Are you following @HeyColleague for great Twitter content? #FF

By not beginning the tweet with their Twitter handle you haven’t limited the number of people seeing your tweet to the list above.