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40+ International Transmedia Leaders Will Be In Edmonton Oct 24-26. Are You Going to StoryWorld Quest this Weekend?

The Networking Web - Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - Author - StoryWorldQuest.comFrom October 24-26, 2014, international leaders of Transmedia will descend upon Edmonton’s Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) for a 3-day StoryWorld Quest conference.


Transmedia Definition

Transmedia storytelling is the art of telling one story over multiple media, where each medium is making a unique contribution to the whole. (Henry JenkinsA Creator’s Guide)

Writers, filmmakers and storytellers may already be practicing Transmedia if they use other social media/channels/means to tell different aspect of their story than just the original. Fans will always want more to connect with than the original story. Smart writers use Transmedia to get new bits to their existing story out in fresh ways.

Transmedia is not only for the writer, filmmaker or storyteller. Transmedia is for anyone wanting to engage new audience from a business or corporate level.

Every brand has a story to tell. Whether the Brand is an icon, a business, an entrepreneur or a writer; a good story captures an audience’s attention. How well a brand tells its story then offering new, but different pieces of its story will determine how well the product, service or experience will sell.

The brand must engage the audience fully or risk losing them. The question then becomes HOW can a brand engage an audience? The brand tells the full story through one channel. Through different channels, story is broken apart, added to, re-packaged and tailored to a specific audience of that specific channel. HOW story is told can engage existing relationships and attract new audiences.

Unfortunately, many treat Transmedia as an afterthought; a marketing ploy added to the last stage.  This will not engage the audience. From story inception, Transmedia must be considered, prepared and integrated into the brand to harness the power of full audience engagement.

I’ll share 2 takeaways from just 1 interview by Jeff Gomez, considered the grandfather of Transmedia.
(Transmedia storytelling workshop – Friday the 24th at 1 p.m…

  • First, bits of story must be unique to each platform. You cannot write a single message then press a button to send that identical message to all platforms. It will not engage all audiences.
  • Second, to engage an audience, there must be a way for the audience to respond. If not directly, they must be able to submit, create content and allow for dialogue.

Both keynote speakers are world leaders in the field of Transmedia Branding.
(Keynote address – Saturday, the 25th at 11 a.m.)

  • Lisa Coulman, Partner, PwC
  • Mark Swierszcz, Director, Bell Media

Jeff Gomez, Lisa Coulman, Mark Swierszcz and 40+ Transmedia speakers will be at StoryWorld Quest in Edmonton, October 24-26 (NAIT).

It is rare to have so much talent and Transmedia royalty in our backyard. If story is your business, see you at StoryWorldQuest.com

Register: StoryWorldQuest.com


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