30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated
Growth Success Program

The Next Program Begins April 1, 2020 
(October, 2019 | November, 2019)


There are 3 Phases to this 30-Day Program:


Grow your 
fans and followers


your engagement



compelling content

Social Media Likes Won't Get You Sales

Attract attention and stay top-of-mind with an impressive account, engagement, and compelling content.

Find out how to make 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated Growth Success Program work for you.

For Those Getting Started,
Think They're on Their Way, 
and Seasoned Movers & Shakers

Are you

  • Struggling to grow Fans and Followers 
  • Frustrated with the Long Hours on Social Media with no results
  • Baffled with what to do next or what to change

Many people have wasted hours on social media 'trying' posts that don't work.

They have wasted money trying old systems that used to work. 

The Rules keep changing and is evolving at a faster rate. 

What do I do next?

     You Are Not Alone! 

Over 80% of courses purchase are never completed.
Sometimes the are never opened!

This program is committed to helping you finish with success!

The 3 missing keys lacking in the majority of programs.

  Community Support and Accountability: ​​Participate in each other's success

  Simplified, Easy-to-follow Daily Tasks: Only 15-minutes a day will get results

  Get Direct Answers to Your Questions: Weekly access to the instructor

The 30-Day Twitter Community Growth Success Program will help you avoid the social media time suck. In this program, you will:  

  • Uncover strategies to accelerate the growth of your Twitter fans and followers
  • Commit to a daily plan with only 15-minutes a day
  • Learn how to write your posts to show up in search results 
  • Find the most effective tools and resources that won't waste your time
  • Participate in an active and supportive community and watch everyone grow together.   Don’t do it alone!
  • Attend LIVE weekly check-ins with the instructor

Why Twitter?  Why Now?

Twitter is making a comeback in 2019. 

  • Which communities fair best

Twitter has some of the most engaged active members:

  • 330+ Million (August 2019) ACTIVE users demonstrate some of the most supportive and engaged communities
  • Twitter users are currently nearly 1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3 across 3 generations (Boomer, GenX, Millennial) 
  • Learn how to extend the life span of your content, by years!

Twitter is for personal and for business

  • Young (and mature) business owners use Twitter regularly generate buzz and attention
  • All writing communities and content creation groups have taken over Twitter for active and positive engagement
  • Speakers benefit with the blend of online and in -person communications
  • Twitter picks up what's current - What's happening right now!

Twitter the social present channel - happening now

  • Encourages serious news to fun and games ... 
  • Builds relationships to expand your reach to larger communities to potentially reach more of your target audience
  • Supports communication and growing networks
  • Activity is fast paced with quick responses

One of the biggest reasons bought self-help doesn’t work is that you do it alone, and you don’t have access to the instructor or a support community.

The 30-Day Twitter Community Growth Success is NOT self-help (or shelf-help).
Its daily action, only 15 min/day, plus weekly LIVE training with access to the instructor.  

The Twitter program's community group is in real-time, all learning together and supported together learning at an accelerated rate. 

Daily actions build good habits that become rinse & repeat success after 30-days. 

Daily tracking allows you to visible see your own progress as well as the progress of others in real time. You all learn from each others mistakes and wins. Win-Win

Weekly access to the instructor to ask your questions and get applicable answers.  

The 30-Day Twitter Community Growth Success is new COMMUNITY driven training to instruct best practices and the necessary community driven engagement to succeed online. 

Delivered with easy-to-follow, daily Community Group instructions followed by via emails

Daily support has never been so easy to get. 

Resources will include video, audio, written, templates, tools, and resourses.

Allow yourself to get into the habit of what success looks like. 

Get clear on your Daily To-Dos.

Cut through the time wasting and how to get the work done and OUT without loosing time. 

It begins with a will to succeed. And taking this new Community driven Twitter Training.

What you get when you join this supportive and engaging 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated-Growth Success Program

  • 30-Consecutive Days of support: It begins on the first day of the month, first of each month A round-up of podcasts, blogs, and other media outlets seeking guest contributors, delivered to your inbox every Friday
  • Weekly LIVE time with the Instruction: You won't get stuck. Ask questions, get answers
  • Daily actions and reporting:  Building best practices and watching your account grow fast
  • 15 Minutes/day: OK. We know you're busy. Commit to 15-minute a day. you're going to get what you put into it, and once you see it begin to work for you, you may want to spend more time.  
  • A Private Group: Twitter may be the best at quick engaging content but for the learning space we're meeting in a Private Facebook Group - Join in and receive the invitation.
  • Meet the Members Program: Share your book announcements with our entire mailing list, plus get featured on our blog and social media networks reaching 100k+
  • Chapter Meetings: Complimentary admission to any NFAA local chapter meeting across the U.S. and U.K.
  • Community: Community and daily support.
  • Resources: Current templates, tools, and resources to benefit 

WhO THIS PROGRAM IS FOR when you join this supportive and engaging 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated-Growth Success Program

  • B to C Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Speakers
  • Authors and Writers
  • Content Creators and Artists
  • Anyone who wants to grow their following, engage their audience, and learn the system to do it in the least amount of time
  • ________________________________
  • those who want to post negative and aggresive messeges or promote hate
  • those who want to leave their accounts unattended or rely on Retweets
  • those uninterested in joining, engaging, and supporting the community that will support them

What is Delivered to You When You Join the 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated Growth Success Program

  • Every day for consecutive 30 days, you will receive short, actionable items via email.
  • Every Day DO your daily checklist actionable in Twitter [10 minutes minimums]
  • Every Day post your instructed items in the 30 Day Twitter Community
  • Every Wednesday at 7pm ET | 5pm MT | 4pm PT join the LIVE class for the LIVE overall review and Q&A 
  • Show up – Ask Questions – Get Answers
  • If you are not available Live then watch the recording.

What you Invest to participate and benefit from the 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated Growth Success Program ...

Your Investment for the 30-Day Twitter Community Accelerated Growth Success Program is a single payment of $147.00. 

Your Next Opportunity for Twitter Mastery Begins March 1st, 2020

I knew very little about Twitter before I started with Catherine. I was already familiar with the Facebook world and Twitter just seemed very foreign to me - it was a whole new world I did not know how to navigate through. My business account was not getting any engagement at all. I was lost!

Catherine and I chose to have my twitter account represent my name instead of my business name. We even started a new account. Catherine very patiently showed me the ropes and did it in very manageable pieces. Within 5 weeks, I went from 9 followers to over 1000 and it's still growing! I didn't realize there were so many different nuances to Twitter!

Catherine's Twitter program is very easy-to-follow to get results!

twitter challenge

Nicki Chang Powless

NCP Consulting

Before working with Catherine my attempts at social media were fruitless. I had a twitter account that sat at 13 people for 6-month no matter how many posts I posted. 

After working with Catherine I saw people following me in the first 24 hrs and grew from there. Catherine helped me create different types of content that attracted engagement even new followers. My elation when I passed my first thousand was inspiring, and now I'm able to create regular strong content on my own.

If you are looking to increase your Twitter engagement, get tons of Like, I highly recommend taking Catherine's Twitter Growth Acceleration Program.

twitter challenge

Sherile Reilly

 Author "Curse of the Lord of Darkness"

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens - The Networking Web - Social Media Consultant specializing in Fan Engagement and Target Audience Growth

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens is a digital marketing strategist with The Networking Web growing audiences, creating compelling content, and increasing conversions for speakers, business owners, and authors.

Busy professionals are frustrated and feel overwhelmed weeding through millions of online options that don’t work and waste money and precious time. Catherine simplifies the internet digital with a five-step, customized, easy process that gets results.

An active member of the Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) with a combined reach of 500 Million, she is a co-Host of #EBCLive. Catherine is also the Social Media Expert in Residence for the Canadian Authors Association (CAA).

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens
Trainer | Author | Speaker | The Networking Web Community Growth and Fan Engagement – Social Media Consultant and Trainer

"The reality is… we live in a digital world."

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